To Do list

We have a whiteboard hanging up that is divided into different sections for lists.

To Do Today
To Do This Week
To Do (Long Term)
To Make
To Buy
To Take to [add parent’s name]
Shopping List (for groceries)
What’s in the freezer

This whiteboard organizes our lives – well, mine, really. Seth has a To Do list on his phone, which is much more useful for him because he can carry it with him. I have to copy any portable lists (i.e. shopping list) onto the back of an old envelope (yes, we have a drawer full of old envelopes to use for scrap paper!). There’s an old sock with a hole in the heel hanging at the side of the whiteboard that holds the pens and wiping cloth (pens sit in the toe and are accessed from the holey heel!).

Top of the To Do List right now is Unpack. Then Wash Up all the things I’ve unpacked. Newspaper (our packing paper of choice) print transfers onto everything! Then I have to Make Dinner: cook beans and put a cassoulet into the slow cooker. The continued absence of an oven means the slow cooker’s been pressed into full-time service! I have to Change My Address with a few more companies, and Make A Decision On The Woodburning Stove, when we’ve finally got the third estimate. Who knew that having a fireplace altered and a stove fitted could create such a headache! It seems that the stove suppliers and fitters do not have very much imagination, nor are they very good at explaining what they intend to do. Fingers crossed for this one – they at least have a brochure full of very useful information and pictures!

And in the slightly longer term, I have to Pick Rosehips and Make Rosehip Syrup, and Forage for Sweet Chestnuts. This may involve sneaking into the grounds of a local primary school at the weekend, as there is an enormous chestnut tree that is always loaded with nuts. The ones in the woods are taller, the nuts are smaller and there are far more squirrels to compete with!

These lists are always works in progress. They get added to over the course of weeks and months, and items are crossed off in stages. So, by the end of the day, Wash Up will have been crossed off, but I guarantee there will be three more items added to the bottom!


About jafion

I am a child of the earth, a daughter and a new bride. I am a writer and an archaeologist, 27 years old. I am married to a wonderful man - a scientist, a gardener, a musician - and I'm learning how to run a home, care for a family (just the two of us so far!), as well as keeping up my creative hobbies and working full time.
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