Working late

Welcome to my desk, at half-past nine at night.  I’ve been working since eight this morning.

On the desk…

A list: with only a few items ticked off.  Many more yet to go.

A pad with scribbled notes on.

Two cups: one with some cold fruit tea in the bottom, the other a recent (now empty) cup of lemongrass and ginger cordial.  For a pep up.

A pile of orange peel.  My brain needs much energy when it’s working this hard.  I have to remember to move snacking debris at the end of the day, as it is very depressing to arrive at work in the morning to find compost next to the keyboard.

My screen: I do love having a wide screen.  Plenty of room to put windows next to each other – word-processing document on one side, photo on the other.

DVDs: Jane Austen to play in the background when I’m doing something mindless, like compiling a photo register.  I’ve seen these shows so often they’re like audiobooks now. (For the record I don’t really like the new P&P, but it’s got a great soundtrack!)

My tips for working long hours: make sure you eat plenty of protein.  The brain is a hungry part of the body.  And drink lots of water.  Take plenty of exercise.  Stand up frequently and stretch.  Rotate tasks so you’re not doing the same thing for hours – keep fresh.  And have an understanding family!


About jafion

I am a child of the earth, a daughter and a new bride. I am a writer and an archaeologist, 27 years old. I am married to a wonderful man - a scientist, a gardener, a musician - and I'm learning how to run a home, care for a family (just the two of us so far!), as well as keeping up my creative hobbies and working full time.
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